Don't miss the opportunity to share experiences and studies in Paste 2020 as a presenting author.


Submit a 200 to 300-word abstract of your work, in Word format and in English, by December 13, 2019, using the file transfer site available for this purpose. Click on the “Submit Abstract HERE” button above.


Abstracts should describe the objective of the work and a synthesis of the obtained results, as well as include full contact details of the authors. The “Abstract Template” button above contains the Word template with predetermined formatting to prepare your abstract. Also, the format includes editorial guidelines to be followed for the abstract to be approved. 


Should an abstract be approved, the author will be requested to send a full-length article in English by February 1, 2020. The approval of an abstract does not guarantee the subsequent approval and inclusion of the full-length article in the conference program. For more information regarding the review process, see the “Review Process” below.


Note: Due Technical Program restrictions, an author is allow to present a maximum of 2 works in oral presentation (additional works can be submitted  for Poster presentation). A company is allow to present a maximum of 3 works in oral presentation (additional works can be submitted  for Poster presentation). For more information please contact us at


Areas of Interest

  • Thickening and filtration
  • Transportation
  • Rheology
  • Surface disposal
  • Underground and backfill
  • Closure and rehabilitation
  • Case studies
  • Emerging issues and technologies


Review Process


Stage 1: Abstract Selection

All abstracts will be reviewed and commented on by Paste 2020’s Technical Committee. Approval of an abstract at this stage does not automatically guarantee that the final version will be accepted and included in the program. The authors of accepted abstracts will be invited to submit a full-length article which will be reviewed in stage two.

Stage 2: Article Selection

Articles must be written in accordance with the standards established for the event. Articles which fully comply with the requirements will be peer-reviewed.

Once articles are reviewed, comments will be sent to authors and a final version of the work will be requested. The final article should include the comments and suggestions made by the Committee.

Stage 3: Final Article Approval

Final articles will be reviewed by the Technical Committee to ensure that all modifications have been made. At this stage, articles will be confirmed for oral or poster presentation. Final articles approved for publication will be published in the Paste 2020 proceedings. At this stage authors must register to the conference to confirm their participation.


Author Registration

Author Registration Deadline: March 31, 2020

The published proceedings will only contain articles from authors attending the conference.

To confirm publication of an abstract, as well as inclusion in the technical program of the conference, it is essential that at least one (1) author per article is registered and has paid by March 31, 2020. Articles of authors who have not registered by the deadline will be automatically withdrawn from the proceedings and the program.

Key Dates


Abstract submission

December 13, 2019

Notification to authors

January 11, 2020

Full article submission

February 1, 2020*

Notification to authors 

February 22, 2020

Final article submission

March 7, 2020

Author registration

March 31, 2020

*This date is referential. Each author will be notified in writing and given an specific date for submitting the full article, which is in relation to the date their abstract was submitted. 


Questions or Comments


Do not hesitate to contact us at